I have been away from writing for quite some time due to various reasons. But the main reason is that I have been building. And not in the sense that many Internet dwellers are used to: websites, marketing campaigns, flowcharts, etc. But putting actual bricks on top of each other, cutting wood, planting.

OK, maybe it was not really me, I have hired help to do those things. The initiative, however, is all mine.

What I have come to understand is that I get a great deal of satisfaction watching something grow in the real world. Whether it is a building or a muscovy duck. You do not only see the result, you can touch it, feel it. It is real.

Not that all those "computer things" are not real. They are. But after twenty years of being glued to a computer screen for almost any activity—studying, working, relaxing—getting out in the wild and doing things that engage more than just a couple of your senses feels liberating.

In economic terms, it is called the real sector of the economy: tangible goods and services. Unlike trading, brokering, flipping or reselling, you create a real product or service. Create is the key word here because that is what I feel.

I now try to spend less time in front of the screen and more time doing things with my hands, meeting people, organizing construction and farming processes. The next step is to learn a trade. I have no idea what exactly, still on the lookout. But as I have no hobbies, it could become one. Fulfilling and useful.