Before, I talked about the framework that I used to differentiate between the two general classes of individuals in the world: those who want to take your stuff and those who do not. These two categories, in economic terms, normally translate to "communists vs capitalists". While this notion still, generally, holds true, it has more to do with the economics of the world—a rational field. And why not? After all, what differs a human from any other animal is his God-given reason.

The problem with this approach, however, is the assumption that just because man possesses inherent reason, he also uses it. The events of the past couple of years have solidified my suspicion that this is, in fact, far from true. Yes, each of us has the gift of reason, but few people in the world actually use its potential. The vast majority still live an animal-like lifestyle satisfying only their basic beastly needs: they eat, they poop, they sleep. The shepherds of people, whether good or evil, understand it and take on the task of tending to this stock of sheep and directing it one way or another.

This makes the notion of markets being "rational" somewhat untrue (at least, in the short- to mid-term). Markets consist of people, and many people are quite irrational. How many times have we seen someone who does something stupid and completely unreasonable? Now imagine a crowd of these. If they were, indeed, reasonable, bitcoin would already be worth $1m+ because there are far more people who know about it vs those who actually own some sats. But I am not an economist, and this post is not really about markets.

For my new framework, I bring in the spiritual dimension. At this point, I have no doubt that there exist truly good people and truly evil ones. Some know themselves, their true nature, and operate with full consciousness, without guilt. Others, the majority, do not—they live on auto-pilot. Both the good and the evil have a set of skills and knowledge that they use for their enterprise. But they do not and cannot know everything (no need to be very smart either). As a result, we may have a warrior of light who is a fan of a socialist system and a warrior of darkness who is a full-blown anarcho-capitalist. In this case, dismissing the former as a "naive well-meaning idiot" while praising the other as the "defender of individual sovereignty", as is done by many in ancap circles, does not sit with me well.

This is not to justify leftism or demonize capitalism. But rather point out that an evil person will have no problem calling himself (and actually being) a capitalist, a communist and whatever other label he may choose that better helps him further his twisted goals.

If the army of darkness wanted to destroy all nation-states for the sake of individual liberty, and the army of light formed an ideological nation-state to fight them, who would you side with?