The Great Unknown

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated with Space. Its inky blackness, grandeur, infiniteness invoke in many people the desire to tap into the unknown, explore the distant worlds, learn the mysteries hidden therein.

As I grew older and more spiritual, the fascination with Space grew into a broader appreciation of the Cosmos. To me, the Cosmos is both the known and the unknown, the seen and the unseen, the noumenon and the phenomenon. Space, on the other hand, is the material manifestation of the Cosmos. It is where we want to travel to explore new planets, build space ships, citadels and even Dyson spheres. If the technological advancement of our species continues, Space is where we will expand.

My favourite movies and TV-shows have always been space-themed sci-fi. Even today, I enjoy occasional shows like The Expanse. Just a couple of decades ago, general space travel was still in the realm of science fiction, too. Today, attempts are being made by billionaire nerds to make this dream a reality. Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin have been making steady progress in bringing commercial space flight to viability. Musk goes even further with his ultimate goal of putting man on Mars and making mankind an interplanetary species.

The timeline we live in is truly fascinating—our childish dreams may actually come true during our lifetime. And all of it would be a lot more exciting if it were not for the state of our planet today. You see, a lot of the desire to go out there and explore the frontiers of Space is not an extension of the development of our civilization but rather an attempt to escape the decivilized world that we live in. What was supposed to be adventurous exploration has turned into escapism.

Our world has been taken over by the Parasites. You can see them, hear them and feel them everywhere. They are your central bankers, international organization managers, politicians, media magnates, college professors, Wall Street traders, big pharma, big sugar and so on. Their success has been especially significant in the last couple of centuries after the industrial revolution changed the world forever. Technology allowed them to tighten their grip on the productive population and squeeze as much juice as they possibly could. There is a saying that criminals are the first to adopt the latest technology. These criminals, the biggest the world has seen, are no exception. Moreover, they have been able to steer the development of technology to their advantage.


Am I attacking technology? Of course, not. Technology is a neutral tool in the hands of man. It can be used for good or for bad. Guns do not kill people—people kill people. Nuclear energy can be harnessed to create an atomic bomb capable of annihilating millions or to construct a nuclear power plant, an extremely cheap and clean energy source. As the Parasites grew richer and more powerful, they favoured the development of certain technologies that allow them to wage wars and control entire populations while suppressing other advancements that would weaken their ability to do the former. It is my conviction that if it had not been for the parasitic element in our society, we would already be exploring deep space while having clean energy, abundance of food and overall much higher living standards anywhere on Earth.

Highjacked, our civilization has been on a course to self-desintegration. Today's technological gadgets do not serve people to make lives better but further enslave them in the illusory world of Matter. The screen is the new heroin. But while heroin eventually wears off, the screen is always there. People spend countless hours consuming irrelevant information and rarely producing anything of value.

This results in underdevelopment of those parts of the brain that are responsible for critical and creative thinking. Quite literally, people are getting dumber. While inequality is natural and some people will always be smarter, intelligence is another metric in which the gap has been rapidly increasing over the last couple of decades. The rule of thumb is simple: the more you consume the more stupid you become. TV, laptop and smartphone screens are the ultimate consumption methods. As if it were not enough, just wait until this tech is built into your retina or implanted in the brain.

Some aspects of life are indeed more convenient when you have a gadget handy. But, most of the time, overusage has been imposed upon us by the parasitic element that is extremely knowledgeable in human psychology. They know what you crave, what triggers your most secret desires, what makes you behave like a trained monkey in a circus. Combined with the dire situation in the world (remember—everything is always bad), your subconsciousness is primed to seek escape from it. And what is a better escape than the virtual world behind the screen where you can be anything you want no matter the real situation in your life?

Escape into the Void

In a similar way, the conquest of space has turned from the desire for adventure and exploration of new frontiers to a day-dream of escaping the seemingly deteriorating world around us. I say "seemingly" because our world is, of course, a lot better than what is portrayed on the screen. People have been duped into thinking that everything is irreversibly bad. Or reversibly—if only you would do what the Parasites wanted!

So now, instead of having armies of young people studying astronomy, rocket science and engineering, we have a bunch of couch potatoes spending countless days playing space-themed video games. "Here, I can be the captain of my own spaceship!" they say staring at the screen for the twelfth consecutive hour. The inability to cope with the surrounding world and a lack of desire for self-analysis and inner knowledge forced many to develop the need for escapism. Space escapism is just one flavour of this mind condition, with others including food, drink, drug, sex and work escapism.

As the word implies, when you escape problems, you avoid solving them. Perhaps you personal life sucks, so you find solace in working three jobs. Or your job is no different from slavery, so you drink the bad feeling away. Or the whole civilization is on the brink of collapse, and you just want to escape into the deep unknown of Space to leave it all behind and start over.

Paradise Rediscovered

What I implore you to do is to open your eyes and look around. There is no doubt in my mind that Earth, our home planet, is the most beautiful, affluent, sacred place in our whole solar system. There may be other distant worlds that are as fascinating but this one is right here, right now. We live in it. And the fact that it has been, for the most part, taken over by the Parasites, does not cancel its magnificence. If anything, it only proves that Earth is a jewel worth fighting for.

The damage inflicted upon our home world and its people is not irreversible. As a matter of fact, I believe the pendulum is about to swing the other way. The forces of Darkness know it, feel it. This is why they have been accelerating their agenda. But he who loses patience makes mistakes. And when they do, we will be waiting to strike our blows. Our Spirit has been forced into a corner from which there is only one way out: through fight. Spirit cannot be killed, cannot be tamed, cannot be domesticated. The pressure it feels now, with its back against the wall, is so tremendous that it is only a matter of time before it goes supernova.

We will go to Space in due time, explore its vastness and even populate other worlds. But before it happens, we must reclaim what has always been ours: Earth. Today, Mother Gaia needs us more than ever. Let us break free from these chains of fear and take back our earthly paradise. There is no need to escape—everything we need to take the next leap is here.