As we have discussed before, to build a citadel, you first need to start with yourself. The proverbial "clean your room". There is nothing worse than a dirty bum-looking wannabe king with greasy hair who aspires to lead his people in a newly built sovereign community. Unless that is an image that he chose to project, but even that is questionable. After all, if the bum image does not match the man's inner world, he is just LARPing. But if it does—well, I am personally not ready to follow a bum.

Many men today are at a loss when it comes to finding themselves, their true nature. That is why a whole industry of "personal development gurus", "manosphere" and the like has emerged. Marketers, professional and newbie basement dwellers, realize that they can capitalize on men's insecurities that have become so prevalent today. So they come up with—or rather plagiarize—an endless stream of courses, webinars and other "lessons" that they shove up the asses of the unsuspecting masses of needy self-improvers. If you inspect these so-called guides to success closely, you will see that they rarely differ from each other.

I have tried them, too. Many of them: in the form of books, lectures and courses. What unites them all is the call for adding something to yourself. You see, the reason why you are unsuccessful at something is because you are incomplete. Just add this or that to your life, and boom—you are a gazillionare playboy with your own "here in my garage", a Rolex watch and a couple of hot babes by your side in the morning.

The better way is to do the reverse: remove the fake, ugly, inconvenient, unnatural things from your life that do not make you who you are. That is, apply the via negativa—the negatve way. Yes, a term popularized by another grifter who was immensely successful at repackaging age-old ideas in his own books of the Incerto series. (Which, I guess, also proves that plagiarism is not always that bad if it finds a bigger audience to a good idea)

Over the years, you have been attacked from all sides by used-car-salesmen that you only need to do this routine for a life-changing breakthrough. And, for some, it may have been true, but not many. And those others, the losers, keep going in circles, looking for the next guru to tell them how to win. When, in reality, the divine spark that each of us has, can only be found by peeling off the multiple layers of garbage that we have collected over the years. Under those layers hides the kernel that is truly you.

Understand the difference between what is you and what is an imposed idea of "excellence" that you heard from someone who has an absolutely different lifestyle, belief system and aspirations.

Know yourself.