We live in a tumultuous yet wonderful age, for Bitcoin was born in it. Along came a new generation of individuals who aspire to rebuild the wretched world that we inhabit. The world destroyed and perverted economically, ethically, and aesthetically by those elements for whom power and money are not a means but an end. Making it great again is the Bitcoiner's imperative.

The bitcoin generation are youthful, defiant, resolute warriors. The world will never be the same again for those whom Bitcoin awakened. And should they return to old ways by will or compulsion, their existence will know no peace.

One cannot reverse overnight the destructive process that has been going on for centuries—to undo the damage inflicted may take as much time. But we are not afraid of boldly claiming that Human History is now divided into two major eras: pre-Bitcoin and Bitcoin.

The world is being led on a disastrous course by the people who call themselves elites. These wicked souls know no boundaries to human suffering. Disgustingly, their continued existence depends upon it. The slimy leeches will suck the lifeblood of humanity until all that is left is a dry carcass with distant memories of past accomplishments. By enslaving Mankind, the Parasites crave to be the rulers of the world. But desolate wastelands is all they will ever rule in the end. For Human Spirit would rather be destroyed than tamed. Among the dormant masses, sparks of Divine Fire patiently wait for the right moment to spread the cleansing flame in all directions.

The masters of Evil, the enemies of Good, the detractors of Spirit and worshippers of Materialism will find in their midst a benevolent viral cell diligently and covertly, sometimes unbeknownst to itself, working on the destruction of the Structure that employs it. Merely by way of hodling, the Bitcoiner will undermine the very principles upon which rest the workings of the nefarious machine. And when the realization of such unintended consequences dawns upon him, he will not regret it in the slightest. For the violent reaction of his masters will show to him their true colors that he has failed to see for so long. Terrified yet inspired, he will take action to deepen his knowledge of the true nature of the Parasites, inevitably becoming another enlightened being and joining the ranks of his brethren around the world.

Fascinated to learn that there are communities of like-minded individuals ready to extend the helping hand, the newly-awakened will direct all his attention, previously occupied with measly, mundane, dead-end thoughts, to the betterment of himself and to the Service of the New World. He will seek knowledge and develop skills that will contribute one way or another to the installment and solidification of the bitcoin standard.

Never has there been a time when attaining Freedom from the chains of economic slavery was possible due to the rise and spontaneous adoption of a technology that defied the established norms by its mere existence. When the mind is liberated from the daily worry of impending financial ruin, it attains the capacity for clearer, nobler thinking. Unlimited potential, previously locked away by fear of material suffering, becomes available. The human spirit is lifted by higher aspirations from the state of dormancy, granting the awakened man access to the Source of all. What was hidden in each individual's consciousness becomes manifest. The sum of all these manifestations reflects in a more prosperous, adventurous, and glorious world.

The Bitcoiner of tomorrow will be a common man, but the Bitcoiner of today is an agent of Freedom. In his peaceful yet rebellious action of hodling he fulfills his personal dreams while serving Mankind. Indeed, human action rooted in the liberty of individual choice leads to increased cooperation, solidarity, and respect. The hero who hodls is a humble servant of the masses. And after decades of dutiful Service accompanied by mental and physical struggle, the Heavens will reward him with spiritual and material abundance, recognition, and acclaim.

Only the brightest minds, men of foresight, could truly comprehend Bitcoin's true potential in the previous decade. The 2020s will wake up another, bigger wave of sleepers for whom the search for their place in the bitcoin world will signify the most important chapters in their lives. Like their predecessors, they will have to face Resistance, both psychological and physical. Courage, however, trumps fear. Those who will face upcoming obstacles with a resolved and open mind will step into a new territory where the Spirit that dwells within will guide along a righteous path, and spontaneous coordination from soulmates across the globe will ignite a fire impossible to put out.

Bitcoin is here, among us, everywhere yet nowhere. The genie is out of the bottle—you can make your wish now. But remember: whichever side you take, the choice must be made. Indifference and indecision are your biggest enemies. Make your days on this earth count. The time is nigh.